Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fae not by Megan Summers and Leah Spiegel


Ashton is a fae, one of the purer bloods. It's aimple to appreciate is ability, with hiss gift to woo women and attract attention, but to him his gifts are curse that he holds at bay. Ever since accidentally killing his friend due to his fae nature, being fae was no longer worth it.
After beginning to spend his life on a farm under the cover of a therapy area, he lives his life in a blur. Until Claire. She's unaffected by his persuasion, and feels nothing where all the girls gush over him. She's different.
More than he thinks.
When Ashton uncovers what's really happening with Claire's adopted fae parents, he's on a race against time to save Claire from the clutches of those with the power to erase any memory of her or her abilities.

Well, to begin with the cover is good, however I still think there should have been a bigger splurge. If it was about fairies, the authour could have demanded more creativity, especially since book covers are essential to selling a book. I can't really speak fairly since I didn't pick out this book from a bookshelf full of equally talent stuffed books. In fact, I got it in the midst of an impulse after realizing I could easily get giveaways as long as I reviewed the books (SO AWESOME). I was instantly interested, especially since it was closer to my usual genre.

Since, I  should be a positive person, I'll end this review on a good note and start with the problems (interlaced with sneaky compliments of course). Flaw number one, the writing. Like loads of books I seem to find myself caught in, the story was delicious, with characters I was actually interested in. However, the writing felt slightly rushed, as if the authour had so much inspiration and beauty in her thoughts that she just had to expel them as soon as possible. Problem is, that creates an interesting story but not beguiling words. Books need time. Like flowers, they need to be nurtured and ground, sprinkled with nourishing water and a tugging sun. Without time, they can't reach their full potential. Honestly, this book could have been much better. That was the main problem, this book needed more time.

Flaw number two, cheesiness. It was sweet, no lie, bit somethimes it felt a tinny bit too cheesy. It was the perfectly innocent novel, without any tugging attraction whatsoever. It made the novel feel much less realistic. This book needed that added, sultry feel. It didn't fully capture the deeper emotions it dearly neeeded. The authours seemed to shy away from adding a splash to their work. For a book (I assume) aimed at teenagers, the authors needed to dive into the real world, instead of barely grazing the water.

Flaw number three, details. Ok, as much as I loved this story, there were pieces of the plot that lacked enough details. (Spoiler alert, please skip to the next header if you don't want to see this) The fae that was erasing the memories of Claire was not fully explained. Plus the story ended too quickly. The climax didn't reach the expected climaxiness (if that's a word). I finished the novel disappointed. For one, what happened next? For two, that couldn't be the way the story ended. Where was those extra details thw readers would just inhale?
Flaw number four, okay, I get this may have absolutely nothing to do with the novel, but I feel kind of offened for Megan Summers. Of the two authors, she seems to be completely and totally ignored on any other count than the actual book. Maybe she did less work, but it still made me feel bad.

Okay, time for the good bits! I know how much you must be looking forward to it. Awesomeness number one, the story. All you have to read is the blurb posted on Goodreads and you'll be instantly drawn in. Ashton is honestly a cool character and his assumption that Claire will be obsessed with him is definitely not to be interpreted as generously self-centred. His determination to not use his abilities wrongly and to hurt as little people as possible is admirable and I cannot help rooting for him.

Awesomeness number two, who Claire really was. Well, WOW. What the authours did there was shocking. I loved how they twisted such an interesting secret into the plot. My advice though, 'what she was'  should have been mentioned more often to give it a gigger impact when we found out. It was already slap worthy but it could have reached earthquake level. Either way, it was scarily talented how the authour added that in.

Awesomeness number three, the back and forth of Claire and Ashton's relationship. Who knew I'd love that bit so much? I mean,  thinking about it now, my throat is closing up with excitement. Their 'you're playing me,' 'I can't care about you,' and 'I refuse  to hurt you' was soooo adorable. I couldn't help but love the twist and turns in their relationship.

So...since I really liked this novel, a four star it is. No fives since I rarely get favourites. I recommend this book.

Thank you for reading :)

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