Wednesday, 4 July 2012

First post: Welcome

Welcome to my blog, and if you haven't guessed by the title, it's all about romance and books. I'll be reviewing novels (mostly teen). Those who hate the genre: beware... Since this is my first post on this blog, instead of stepping up with a review of a book, I'll let any readers (if anyone is actually reading this) get a taste of some of my fav books (really rare). If you want to hear more from me, please subscribe. If you want to request a book review, please leave a comment. If you disagree to anything I say, please leave a comment. If you have any questions (appropriate please) please leave a comment.Though I am the overlord of this blog, you are free  to leave opinions ;). Continue reading if you wish/dare. (BTW, I wrote the blurbs myself--with a little help from Amazon)

The first is Sherry Gammon's Unlovable. This novel is completely worth the cost. With its erratic main character--though her view is truthful and plainly human--and the purely sweet male, what complaints do you have?And have you seen that cover? (Below) I'd pick the book up just because of that.  This novel is filled with fresh ideas (including hot undocover cops) and warns teenagers that drugs don't just come with a temporary thrill. It makes you think: who cares if it's self-published? Its quality washes that fact out.


To everyone, Maggie Brown is the poster child for Heroin chic. To Seth Prescott, she's the girl with the sad blue eyes. But with Seth's job as an undercover cop, working tirelessly to arrest drug dealers pumping drugs into teenagers and children alike, any relationship could crumble to dust. But either way, Maggie struggles with caring about Seth, knowing how many have already betrayed her and wondering if Seth will join the list. But as the investigation into the drug dealers turns deadly, life and death twist into one, and trust becomes a path to it.

Now, Joss Stirling's Finding Sky is a book with innocence, mixed in with criminals, the supernatural and that dip into soulmates. No need to mention the bad boy lover--perfection. Honestly, Zed, our heroine's--Sky--counterpart is one of the few guys from novels that actually popped into my head as worth crushing on. Maybe it's just my taste in bad boys--my short crush record speaks for itsef--but Zes is just hearthrobbing. And who doesn't love unique names--Sky? Zed? Xavier? Saul? I could go on for ever. Who wouldn't read  a book with weird, strange and special (WSS) names?

Finding Sky:

"You have half our gifts, I the other. Together we make a whole. Together we are much more powerful."

Sky is a tangled web of fragmented memories, hiding away from the past she can't remember. Zed is a tangled web of emotions, rocking off the edge of all he stands for. When Sky Bright is whisked away to a new life in America, just a glimpse of motorcycle-riding mystery boy Zed Benedict, leaves her with her mind constantly preoccupied. He reads her mind, she hears his voice in her head. But to find her future, she must discover her past, while guarding her heart from the one boy that could change it all.

Thanks for reading :)

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